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Demise And Kiss lyrics - Crossfaith

I dig inside of your mind
I bring your soul
Drown in the sea
Feeling like having fear of you
I take you out from you
Enter your side
Your empty heart
You stand, hold it and walk alone

You and I both have seen the same old view
Although I doubt things in sight
Close your eyes tonight
There's one more sign
Please show us the way
Endless pain can't refuse to see

Away from me
You can't share me
Feeling close your eyes
Don't look at me inside of all
Come close to me
Come close to say to you
I wake you up slowly now
Demise is counting down

Breathe, I can't breathe
My hungs are freezing now
You're always close to touch of dying
Breathe, I can't breathe cause my hungs freeze
Fall to the ground
I'm always close to you to call

Demise and kiss
I found the way to you
I dig inside of your mind
Liberate your soul
Struggle in the sea
Feeling like having fear of you

To the end
It's up to you
I will keep your hands and hold your soul

Two as one
I finally see what you've become to me
With open arms I'll wait for you
Two as one just come with me

Time never stops
It's up to us
Time never stops
You must be facing the truth
Now I feel like I'm stuck in your sight
We will not be saparated
Now I feel like I am stuck in your sight

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